Create, distribute and analyze your surveys online

Evaluate and manage the opinions of others in a quick, easy and economical way. Do any kind of study you can think of: customer satisfaction, professional satisfaction, performance evaluation, evaluation of learning programs, etc. gives you all you need to be able to create your own online surveys.
You can easily create, launch and analyze whatever study you can think of: job satisfaction, team or department performance, 360° evaluation, performance evaluation, exit interview, etc.

Customized developments

If you miss some functionality or have any specific need, let us know, we can develop it for your company.

Easy to Use

Create surveys in just a few minutes with our intuitive application.

Privacy and Security

The security of your data is of utmost importance.


All your doubts can be solved over the phone, email and online chat.


With your business management system (ERP, CRM...) Accurate information in real time

Email gateway

Use your gateway so that the invitations you manage in the application leave from your company's mail server.